Thursday, June 16, 2011

another switcheroo.

i love it when i find a photo of a room that i've had saved, later on in it's life after it's been switched up a bit. my house is constantly changing and it isn't too much to assume everyone else's is probably doing the same. i posted this outdoor room here a bit ago....

well! i just found another!!

this room was done by molly luetkemeyer (more here). i saved it because that wallpaper mural is B.O.L.D. and beautiful...

i just stumbled upon the same room only as a more grown up version.
i love the changes. the green paint on the adjoining walls and ceiling really make the mural, well, better in my opinion. now it looks like it belongs.

and the addition of the yellow buffet... perfect. the room even switched functions!

shows that if you really love something, just let it sit and marinade and sooner or later, you'll know how to let it really shine.


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