Wednesday, June 22, 2011

shell chandies

this wedding (from awhile ago!) in jamaica has always been stuck in the back of my brain.

first, the bride has crazy style. i love her earrings and green shoes in her 'second look'... check it out here.

but what i loved most, was the hanging shell chandeliers.

so fun, right?

nassa chandelier

white bubble shell chandelier

i found them! i kinda like sleuthing things out... feels awesome when you find what you're looking for. well, they are found here. and they are cheap cheap!!

i don't think i need any at the moment, but i'll keep it in my back pocket... who knows, a party may require them in the future. like perhaps on my new (but haven't started yet...) back patio!! perfection.

they sort of remind me of those 70's-macrame chandeliers, but in a good way.


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