Wednesday, June 8, 2011

april, may and june.

i'm the girl that tells you she's going to do something every month (buy/make some art for my house once a month for a year... more here) and share it all right here on our blog...

and i do it. but i don't tell you about it.
that's not cool.

well. i have april, part of may!, and june's art for you today:

i had this old frame from the 80's maybe, it was large and brass and therefor right up my alley, but nothing to go in it.

so i bought a piece of marbleized paper (i got mine here) and framed it. its a few colors i'm trying to throw together in my family room. some coral, some orange, a little turquoise, lots of gray and gold and a little black. perfect. they're all found right inside there.

i really like how it turned out. in this photo, you can also see my gray painted walls (more on that here), and ALL the trim i painted white. up in the corner is a window where you can see what the original color of the woodwork was. i left the sashes of the windows and sliding doors natural. i also like how that turned out, plus it will be less messy to deal with when opening said doors and windows in the years to come.

next i have may... but i don't have may. i only have the inspiration photo i used to create it. i'm not finished quite yet. but i will share that when i do!

i liked the organic lines. and it's going to rest above my fireplace (that also got a white face lift).

but my favorite is june.

as i've said before, i like to buy things for my home while away so that one day i will get to look around and be reminded of all the fun places we've visited. sooo.... while in austin, i stopped in at heaven uncommon objects and bought this:

an industrial sign letter, B. for our last name. and it rocks.

here it is in our front room with navy walls. i decided that is where it's going to live because it is gray and so are the walls in the other room, and it just doesn't get to shine as much in there as it does against the navy!

i took this one really quickly this morning so you could see the scale. not huge but not small, either. just right. (oh, and you can see where my march art lives! it looked better against the navy, too. with dan, my white lacquered moose head.)

what do you think?

you can read more about january, february, and march here.

happy wednesday.

oh, one more thing. i couldn't resist. look at this picture we took while in austin! boots everywhere :)


  1. Hello Blue House, I'm completly, madly in LOOOOVE with the Marbled piece, I wish I wasn't all the way here in Portugal, because I would for shore buy one for me in a XXL size, with grays, greens and whites for my house. Could you give me more details. Love and follow the blog.

  2. thanks for following Angela, and all the nice comments!! i bought my marbled paper from dick blick, an online art store here in the US... but they may ship to portugal. they do only come in the one size, however. i did stumble upon this how-to-make-your-own-marbled-paper tutorial from dick blick and i almost tried it, but then chickened out. if you try it, we'd LOVE LOVE LOVE to see your results!

    you can find the link to the paper:

    and the link to the diy version:

    thanks again :)