Tuesday, June 14, 2011

3 baby girls :)

remember when i briefly mentioned that elle and i were attending a triple baby shower for our 3 friends due within a few weeks of each other?

well, those babies have all arrived and we now have 3 more beautiful, and healthy little girls to spoil.

welcome to the world caroline, madeline, and colette!

they inspired me to share more photos from my baby files... is that weird that i have one with no babies? i don't think so :)

we'll start with the girls.

orange and pink AND mod and traditional... my fave.

always been in the back of my head, from domino years and years ago. i heart those stars.

big girl element (giant mirror) in a little girl space. love it.


very trad.

leopard carpet!

this one is for a brother and a sister, and i think they have blurred those gender lines juuust right.

rough wood and florals. perfect.

more blue :)

mmm. mint and pool blue.

maps! they'll never forget what the capitol of chile is :)

stripes and polka dots living quite harmoniously, here.

super tufts.

graphic wallpaper.

serene mirrors and white.

blue is no longer just for boys. and there is so many creative things happening in children's design. even regular ol people like myself are making the happiest and most stimulating children's rooms!

mix it up. make it bright. add your favorite colors and textures and you can't go wrong in my humble little opinion.


[images from the top: kim zimmerman, domino, say yes to hoboken, elements of style, tumblr, full house, amy kehoe with domino, lana lou style, made by girl, project nursery, pink persimmon tumblr, pink persimmon tumblr, unknown, peacock feather events, pinterest.]

i'll be back in a bit with some for the boys!!!

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