Friday, June 24, 2011

hang it up.

i found another where-when-and-how to use those cute shell chandies (find more here).

too cute, right? i think this sealed the deal. getting one. or a two.

via shelter


folks, i have disco fever.

amber @ my daily stop, amber interiors, (GO SEE HER if you're living under a rock.) did a post yesterday on disco balls. DISCO BALLS. i have one and have been wanting to hang it somewhere cheeky but didn't really know if i had the guts. she just pushed me over the disco edge and now i think i can i think i can!

in an unused fireplace. yesss.

in a book shelf. yes please!
this is what i'm going to do until i have a wee little girl of my own someday, and then it'll hang in her room.

and of course, the traditional hanging. but not in a disco. in a living room, bathroom, office, over a table, OR in your closet... anywhere your little sparkle-loving heart desires.

(all disco ball images found at amber interiors.)

*thanks for the encouragement, amber.

are we nuts, or do you kids like them, too?


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