Wednesday, September 15, 2010

julie bowen's LA home

via instyle, april 2010

julie bowen, from modern family, and one of my favorite old shows, ed, is super chic. i have always found the way she dressed to be quite stunning.... well, i've found her home doesn't disappoint either.

i guess it's hard not to have a cool place when your sister is designer, molly luetkemeyer. she helped her with her LA home and they both found themselves in the april 2010 instyle magazine, showing off their work.

via molly luetkemeyer

they used a mix of colors, patterns, textures, new and old things... the perfect definition of eclectic. none of it "matches" and for me, that is what i like best.

via molly luetkemeyer

a curated wall of bookshelves, but not so much so that it doesn't look lived in.

via molly luetkemeyer

most of their pieces are vintage and re-upholstered and/or painted. they found some key items on their travels around the world. and ebay as well.... like the chandelier over the bathtub.

via instyle magazine

here is an excerpt straight out of the magazine with some design advice from molly.

via molly luetkemeyer

a closet i could live with. how about you?

via molly luetkemeyer

did you notice her thing with elephants? i think the quirky little details in a person's home are what i find myself remembering after i leave, or turn the page in a magazine. i say this often, but it's the details in life :)

quite the stylish abode for julie, her husband and their 3 kids.


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  1. She is so beautiful, Modern Family is hilarious, and I love her home!