Wednesday, September 29, 2010

what i want from... wisteria

i am NO stranger to magazines. (in fact if there was an AA group that met for magazine addiction, i might have to go...)

and i don't descriminate against catalogues, the good ones of course. i look forward to reading the wisteria catalogue every time i find it in my mailbox. it's filled with unique and delightful stuff... some of it expensive but some of it not that bad.

here are a few of the things that caught my eye in the last catalogue that would add alot of interest to your house or mine:

bridal rug upholstered sofa

after i saw this in the last issue of lonny, i was smitten.

colorful woolen dhurrie upholstered ottoman that would look its best at the foot of my bed :)

acrylic side table that you could put anywhere you felt like, beside a sofa, your bed, a bathtub... this is what you would call a versatile, have forever and use-it-in-9-different-ways piece.

an air force pillow. adds alot of graphic punch

louis xvi dining chairs

peacock mirror and dhurrie table cloth

and one can never have too many silver trays either, right?

i know these stools are everywhere, and even starting to be a bit "yesterday's news" but i love this one's shine

inlaid camel bone moorish chest, again, it can go anywhere!

this little settee would find a home in my sunroom :)

malamine plates for outdoor dining

because i like skulls (i think it's the science dork in me) and its the season!


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