Friday, September 3, 2010

i love it and i'm not even sari

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are these handmade sari quilts not amazing? they are actually called kanthas, which means 'quilt of recycled cotton rag' - if you can call it a rag!

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they are produced, and have been for centuries, out of the west bengal region of india by the hands of women. each blanket, or throw, is made out of 5 recycled saris... each mismatching in the most perfect way. they mix pattern on pattern with color, and with the softness of the sari cloth, it makes for one truly unique and cozy quilt to wrap yourself in. they even hand stitch each of them with 3 different colors of thread! its the details in life.

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john derian's cape cod home featured in vogue, 2008

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jeanette farrier, actually a costume designer, traveled to india in the late 90's and fell for these beautiful handmade kanthas. she now commissions these women to continue their tradition of making the colorful kanthas for you and i to buy. the best part... she pays them well, allowing them to support their families doing what they love out of their own homes.

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for a little while, you could buy them at anthropologie. that is where i first set my eyes on them.

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can you picture one of these on a little girl's bed? should i get one now for any future daughters?! i kid. but i really do love them.


***have a very happy {and safe} long weekend***

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