Thursday, May 12, 2011

a private paradise indeed

i snatched a copy of connecticut cottages and gardens a few weeks ago and was flipping through when i stopped immediately at the story about robert couturier's neoclassical pavilions in kent. the story's title is "a private paradise", and i couldn't agree more.

robert and his partner, architectural historian jeffrey morgan, used to take their dogs for a walk down a nearby lake in kent and would pass by this tree-filled plot of land for sale. couturier and his partner worried about construction noise in their neighborhood so they purchased the land themselves. after a quick sketch which turned into the house that now exists on the plot today- a proportioned series of pavillions with french and english eighteenth-century garden architecture keeping with the kent's 270-year-old architectural history, the couple began building.

this is my kind of dream place :)


more from the article here

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