Monday, May 9, 2011

beverly hills hotel wallpaper

i'm a huge fan of this iconic wallpaper. i haven't seen it in the beverly hills hotel but i knew it was love at first sight when it appeared in domino years ago.

if it wasn't so unattainable for me at the moment (it's expensive!!), i have a bathroom that would look pretty perfect with it hanging on its walls.

molly luetkemeyer


beverly hills hotel

nikki hilton's dining room via instyle

style at home
it was first made in 1942 and has been in the hotel since the early 50's. it has gone through so many era's and changes in style over the years... but it's still alive a kickin today. it certainly still looks fresh and modern!

see, it can go from blanche....


to today...


i'm in love.


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