Thursday, May 19, 2011

back with more linoleum

i know i know, linoleum? my post from earlier had striped linoleum floors and i had mentioned how i had plans to do the exact same thing to my bathroom.

upon moving into my little casa, everything had to be redone. almost EVERYTHING... including the flooring in the 2 bathrooms. one had carpet (SICK) and the other had (ahem, has) ugly old linoleum you roll off a sheet (SICK).

so i went strolling through my home depot to find a reasonably priced solution for bathroom #2. i came across their 1 foot linoleum tiles and they were only like 67 cents a piece! they did have the uglier speckled version as well as the new solid colored version. new solid color version = beautiful.

like this one:

(via pinterest)

the pattern on this floor is great, but the speckles, nope:

more good examples:

(via domino)

(via martha stewart)

(via marmoleum)

pick a color scheme, pick a pattern and go.

bonus, linoleum is even earth friendly and easy to install yourself!



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