Monday, May 23, 2011

the one that got away.

well. sort of, but not really.

like most brides i loved my wedding dress. loved it. still do. i got all red when i tried it on, did a serious happy dance and loved it to major pieces... but there was another one.

most brides say it's "the one" but i was already sold on another dress when i found it. no worries, it happily got moved to slot #2, but i still really loved that dress #2.

and here it is. please excuse me being in it.

it made me happy and fit the "texture" i was looking for but a) it didn't photograph as pretty as it was in person, and b) it was champagne.

i wish someone could give me a time and place to wear this dress today. it's not even a real wedding dress, just a beautiful dress with silk rosettes applied over the entire thing... anywho.

my whole purpose for this post wasn't supposed to be about dress #2 and how after 2 years i still love it per se, more so about how i love a good dress with tons of texture. it really gets my goat. i think it's true beauty.

so i have tons more to share with great texture and charm.

(i'd prefer this with the long skirt all the way around but i'm digging the rest of it.)

dress via temperly london.

ooh la la. the above skirt kiiiiiillls me. from selia yang.

and lord, if i got married in vegas, you better believe this is what i'd wear:

by melissa sweet

i die. amsale... reminds me a little of jackie kennedy's.

i don't know who makes it but it's quite loverly.

bhldn. need i say more?

claire pettibone.

it doesn't have to be ball ready, this garden wedding-esque dress is just as fab. from bcbg.

and to go along with a textured dress,


martha stewart

via oncewed


via apt. 34

via martha stewart

happy monday. i hope it wasn't an beautiful photo overload ;)


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