Thursday, May 19, 2011

fire island beaut.

i stumbled upon this little vacation getaway, designed by alexandra angle, and thought you might like it if i shared.

the image that first caught my attention was this one:

can you even imagine a cheerier, happier, more colorful vacation home kitchen??

and to implement this in your very own vacation home (or real home for that matter) is not expensive in the least! i had this very idea to use yellow and white linoleum tiles to replace one of my bathroom's floors (with charcoal walls), and this photo only solidifies the fact that i will do this. it's super cheap. super. and those are my favorite words.

they make them in solid colors so they aren't the vomit inducing speckled kinds (these are even still a little speckley for my taste) you used to see in hospitals and old schools. and they used them in hospitals and schools because... they were 1- cheap and 2- insanely durable!

quite lovely. here's another room in this house, done in the same fashion.

the rest of the house uses color with lots of white to encourage smiles as soon as you walk through it's doors.

i'd shower out here every morning. just sayin.

beautiful, no?

stay tuned for more of my linoleum inspire-files in a bit.


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  1. I love all the color, the ocean and the unexpected touches -- thanks for a glimpse. Now I'm pining for summer days. best, tamara stephenson of Nest by Tamara at