Wednesday, May 25, 2011

i'm not over...


this is one of my fave songs from a few years back. and it says it so well... i'm not over you just yet. you can listen perhaps as you read. if you're at work, i'd recommend not ;)

when we first bought our house almost 2 years ago, the first major purchase i bit the bullet and bought was dining room chairs. i bought the louis ghost chairs. they were cool then but not insane all over the place. now they are. am i yesterday's news because i still love them?

they were kind of an investment... i hope. my husband said after they arrived, and i quote, "they look like they belong in a drug lord's house from the 80's," but i think he has come around. and besides, he ok'd them before they were purchased! maybe it was because we were brand newly married people, maybe.

you see, my dining room isn't really a room at all. it's a space off of a room, sandwiched between the kitchen and the living room. and a major walkway between the before mentioned and the den. it just couldn't handle a table with heavy chairs and the ghost chairs seem to, well, not be there. and they're comfy to boot. but i digress.

my thought is, just because glossy magazines, blogs, and knock-off chairs have made these so mainstream, does that mean they are in effect not cool anymore? i plan on keeping mine around for a long long time because 1) i don't care and i love them and 2) they can go ANYWHERE. so once i have a real dining room that can support real dining chairs, i won't need them any longer... but i will find 6 other uses for the 6 of them. outside? next to a bath? in a child's room? heck, stacked in a closet for entertaining purposes!

i don't have the budget to redecorate over and over again at this point in life, so i'm buying things i love. and that i hope to love for awhile. i mean, lucite is like adding salt to a room. it adds lots of flavor and a little sparkle. (i read that once in elle decor and it's so true.) take a look:

via house beautiful, june 2010

via my little happy place

via apt. 34

via elle decor

via country living

via decor8

via domino

via elements of style

table from cb2.

no matter what, i'm not over my chairs. still a fan of them and certainly still a fan of lucite.


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