Wednesday, April 27, 2011

when one door closes...

it had better be a pretty one.
isn't that how it goes?

well anyway, here are some majorly colorful doors found INSIDE the home.

via miles redd

via pink wallpaper

via john loecke

via apt. therapy... notice it's 2-tones?

via tumblr

via domino


via domino

most of the ones i found are in the yellow/green or blue family. interesting.

remember my post about your front door? well i suspect indoor doors deserve just as much love and attention. i have a long hallway that all the bedrooms come off of, as well as a closet and a bathroom... i think all those doors would look pretty fantastic painted. now i'm on a mad hunt to find just the right color.



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  1. now i want to paint BOTH sides of my front door! i am definitely doing a shade of orange on the outside ... on the inside hmmmmm.