Friday, April 15, 2011

nice legs.

there are lots of homes out there with plain wooden chairs hanging around. some new chairs, some old chairs. my house has a few.

i've been seeing some options for sprucing up said chairs around the interwebs, other than a plain old paint job. lets check em out.

first we have the painted legs option:

then we have what i refer to as the "dipped legs"-- this is different and awesome and by far my favorite option out there.

better homes and gardens. here they did one chair where just the legs are painted, and on the other, they painted the whole chair but left the legs bare.

the ace hotel

these dipped legs are possibly even popping up on a desk near you.

like i said above, i find this totally fresh. i'm working up some plans for the 2 chairs in my kitchen.

speaking of that kitchen... i have major plans. maj-ah. and i plan to share 100% of it with you as it goes. i haven't started yet, just gathering up all my thoughts and plans. but i'm REALLY excited about it. {and i still owe you pics from the living room-- but it's still in progress! i'm taking the slow and acquired approach there, where as the kitchen, i'm just going to knock it all out at once :)}

happy friday.


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