Thursday, April 21, 2011

organic easter

my mom gets the rachel ray magazine and considering my addiction with magazines, i read whatever she has laying around at her house. usually i'm not that wowed by rachel but this spread below had me staring. it was for a simple party that i thought could also work for an organic and eclectic easter.

the color combo screams spring and so do the earthy textures. i found all of these things from big box stores and the less matchy-matchy the better, in my opinion. {there's alot, i must have been overly inspired... consider yourself warned}

the ikea fargrik bowl in dark lilac

anthro beasts feast bowl for your sauteed veggies.

a crossroads napkin in blue for everyone. it reminds me of old french linens.

farmer's egg crate for all the dyed hard boiled's.

grown in the garden soup tureen.

hobnail pitcher in a striking turquoise (it'll hold the orange juice for mimosas!)

dessert on these jimmies on frosting plates

latte bowls in a cool mint

laughingthrush cream and sugar set

lotus plates

murano speckled tumblers (for those mimosas)

nammoura plates in blue

platinum petals coupe

anthro's mismatched rediscovered flatware

rustic rabbit taper holder

salud goblet in green

cake stand, and i'll take the cake too!

from here.

ikea godis mix dotted glasses

leende carafe

organic formed bunke serving bowl

grab this appellation utensil holder and some flowers like this:

for the centerpiece. (flowers from here.)

from here.

coro tumblers

and you can't forget the wood elements. some wooden egg cups from etsy.

happy easter!


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  1. love the post ... if i could only pick three of my faves it would be ... the egg crate, mismatched flatware and the leende carafe ... oh and the food that rachel made in the first pic looks delicious!