Wednesday, April 27, 2011

for your sanity

i just recently saw this lovely in the latest martha stewart living:

and it made me think of this one!:

(the mural and those curtains = love)

but i've had it saved for so long, that now i don't even know where it comes from. it looks strikingly similar to the one martha used above, which you can get here... so maybe they are sisters?

i also had these 2 saved:

from bobbie burger via design*sponge

and this one from house and home
{which apparently elicits hot make-out sessions in your back yard... it's that good.}

these would be especially perfect during one of those this-winter-is-never-quite-possibly-never-going-to-end moments... but since we are luckily in the heart of spring, they just make me smile.


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