Wednesday, April 13, 2011

tina fRey

that's right. like tina fey but with an r... and a whole lot of resin crafting skills.

i first found tina's work in this month's martha mag. she featured the pink sugar and creamer below. i was so taken back by their organic form and cloudy translucence. i had to find more. and i did. and she has tons of colors, tons of other objects, and tons of skill. keep reading.

i don't eat soft boiled eggs, but is it a crime that i want an entire cabinet full of these little guys in my kitchen? and just in time for easter! i don't think i could choose between the pink and gray.


and she even does jewels. her pooch is modeling my fave below.

but i'd take mine like this:

do you love? i do.

find more of her stuff here. and you can read her cute blog here.


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