Tuesday, April 19, 2011

otomi fabric

i hope you aren't sick of seeing this. i'm certainly not. i think it will be like ikat with me.... and i don't know if i ever will tire of it. it feels handmade and a bit wordly-- and not to mention, it's quite versatile! another perk, all those colorful, frolicking animals are so darn cheerful :)

anyway, i keep kicking myself because the first time my husband and i went to mexico together (after we met), we were not married and still in college (i.e. living on a college budget) and i passed up one of these in yellow. it was only $175-- but at that time, that was waaaay too much to spend on a blanket... who am i kidding, it's still not cheap. but i have wanted it ever since. you can buy them on ebay and a few other places online but it's not the same as getting it straight from the source.

what about you, tired of seeing them?



  1. i love it, friend!!! great post :)

  2. love, love, love them all ... hard to pic a fav:)