Tuesday, March 22, 2011

new wall stencil

i think i'm going to purchase this ikat stencil i found on etsy last week, for my kitchen.

i'm getting ahead of myself. i am 98% finished with the family room painting projects after this weekend, and i'm not starting more until those are finished! (because i have a bad track record of having too many open projects!) but i got really excited when i found this. i originally had thought about wallpaper but i don't want the hassle of hanging it, or the hassel of taking it down when i inevitably want to change my mind :)

so a wall stencil it is. i've had my feelers out for a cool one for a bit now, but this one! i love.

at this very moment, i am going to paint my oak cabinets gray, and i'm thinking 2 shades of white and off-white for the walls with this stencil... and a killer color on the ceiling. i realize not having any pictures makes it near impossible for you to grasp what i want to do but they are coming... as soon as the family room is finished. promise. (p.s. silver drop is beautiful. love.)

one more thing, a secret i can't keep any longer... i bought a settee i'm going to use as a banquette!! pictures to come. it's on the list for some more homemade reupholstery... (sense the nervousness in my typing there? haha. we'll see if this one turns out as great as the last one.) and a new location- not for the dining room anymore! i know i know, the suspense is just too much :)


stencil found here.

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