Wednesday, March 2, 2011

10 things...

not sure why i started saving them but i am so thankful that i did.... when i was in college and domino first came onto the scene, one of elle and i's roommates (who knew my obsession with mags) told me i'd like it and she was right.

well. i saved every single issue and i still like going back and re-reading them.

i actually just got done reading one right now and remembered how the last page of each issue was 10 things that made someone happy. so, i thought i'd share some of mine.

1. the sunshine that keeps getting warmer and warmer and warmer.

2. tea time. and what a pretty tea time this is!

3. my straw fedora. can't wait to brush off the winter dust :)

4. isabelle abramson and her modern blanc de chine. seriously.

5. graphic vintage posters. especially this one. how adorable framed in a little girl's room?

6. spring frocks.

7. the format floor lamp from ikea... i think i'd spray paint mine gold. (i wish it came in brass.)

8. a whole bucket of costco madeleines.

9. chevron tiles in this gorge kitchen.

10. and this piece of gold that just landed in my mailbox. a vacation on paper... or the new spring anthropologie catalogue.

kind of random today, but i think it's healthy to take stock of the small things that make you smile every now and again.


find the images here: 1) via covet living 2) via flickr 3) nordstrom 4) isabelle abramson on etsy 5) vintage german poster 6) h&m 7) ikea 8) unknown 9) via made by girl 10) anthropologie


  1. im glad im not the only one that saves magazines! wes is campaigning to trash them all.... boo boys!

  2. i concur ... we all should think of 10 things that make us happy as often as possible ... it is good for the soul ... love your 10 you picked today ... =)