Tuesday, March 8, 2011

how rude.

in my very best michelle tanner voice... "how rude." that is what i think of you, behr paint chip creator. i think you made it a little harder for those of us (me) who may or may not be the most organized individual......

remember this post, about my chair i re-upholstered, that lives in my family room? well, in the photos you see my white walls, camel carpet, and wood trim. i told you i was working on the white-ness of the space, and since then i have painted all the trim (i emphasize that because it was a j-o-b) white, and the walls........ light gray.

at least i meant for them to be light grey. back to the organization part from earlier. when i finally settled on a color-- behr silver drop-- i headed back to home depot to buy it. i forgot the chip at home (unorganized) but i didn't turn around because i knew it was the middle color in the chip trio and it started with silver. how many of those can there be, right?


here's the paint chip trio. with silver drop in the middle there. pretty, right?

the behr paint company has ANOTHER paint chip trio in another gray tone, and the middle color, yep... silver screen.

i picked up the chip (below but i didn't take a photo of that one)... saw it as light gray, middle color, silver screen... sounds right.

and i then came home with the wrong color.

i noticed it wasn't the right one as soon as i got home and looked at the chip (that i forgot). i'm no diva and they were pretty similar... and i was ready to paint, so i used it. i did 2 full coats thinking it'd get better...
and got this:

(via decor pad)

lavender gray. during the day, it was actually alright but when sun went down and the lights came on... purple.

it was all i could see.

(via nicky kehoe)

don't get me wrong, especially in the above space, it looks great. just not exactly what i was going for.

i tried for 2 whole weeks to convince myself it was the one, and only because i didn't want to repaint all over again. i even told elle that i had chosen a lavender gray (i did choose it, just by accident ;)).

i was looking for something more like this:

(via apartment therapy)

and this:

(via unknown)

and this:

(via unknown)

so now, you know where i'll be and what i'll be doing this weekend.

fixing my walls. with silver drop.

behr- you are tied with benjamin moore for my favorite paint brand, and i still like ya... i just think naming 2 very similar tones of gray, in the same spot on their chips, with almost identical names is a flub. personal opinion.

now i'll be taking the chip with me every time.

anyone else do something like this?



  1. JILL! This happend to me too! Not with the paint chip, but the gray turned purple fiasco. Elle witnessed it. It was awful. I feel your pain, friend!

  2. stupid behr ... can't wait to see the room finished with the real color you wanted ... i know it will be FAB ...

  3. Getting ready to paint our bedroom grey and have experienced all of the different colors "grey" can turn into with different lighting. Haven't tried Silver Drop yet - my project for this weekend as well!

  4. I have determined that gray is quite possibly the hardest color to choose and paint with. It will turn purple/gray; green/gray; brown/gray...endless. I simply have not found one that I like. Case in point, my 10 year old sister asking me if we painted our room blue. Ugh.

  5. it certainly is a hard color. i tried out quite a few samples. i finally settled with silver drop. it almost has a greige tint at night but i liked that. we'll see when it covers all my walls, just how i feel :) i'll share pics when i'm finished!

  6. Jill - I ran into the same thing with our dining room. It turns light blue in certain light. But It still works so I haven't touched it again. Gray is SO hard! But I'm excited to see Silver Drops debut :)

  7. This happened to me too! I had to repaint my gray walls because I didn't like the purple tones that the afternoon light brought on. What a bummer. But having the wrong color on your walls is MORE of a bummer than having to repaint. :)

  8. Can you up load a picture of Silver drop... love to see it.

  9. I painted my hallway in Silver Drop yesterday. It looks white. Even against the new white light switch...