Thursday, March 24, 2011

not your grandmother's bike

i received an email the other day about the new bike at cb2. i had to check it out. i'm a cb2 fan and never knew them to carry exercise/outdoor equipment before!

they weren't messing around by the dreaming up of this bike. she's lovely.
it's called the abuela bike. now, abuela in spanish means grandmother, but like i said, this isn't your grandmother's old fashioned bike. however, i think a grandma on this bike would be a totally hip and different story :)

the yellow tires could not be more perfect. although, i think they'd get dirty. but at least in the beginning, you'd have awesome yellow tires ;)

and a rockin bell!! bring-bring bring-bring.

don't know if i'd spend the $500, but i'd like to!


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