Tuesday, March 8, 2011

my new anthro treats

remember that post where i proclaimed my addiction? well, i just added more to my collection ;)

went to anthropologie this weekend. i usually can't walk out of there without buying something. but this time i had a gift card and i wasn't afraid to use it.

i bought 12 of these little beauties in yellow. to go with some white, perfectly imperfect, handmade dinner plates i got from the wedding (dish set numero dos- told you, it's dangerous).

now, it was hard to settle on a color. right now there are lots. and seeing them in person makes it that much harder. they are truly beautiful and saturated colors. you can see them here but they are better in your hand.

and because i couldn't decide, i bought 8 of these little guys too. they are the mini version of the latte bowls above. only 2" x 3.5"

too cute. got them in melon (not available online). what will i use them for? don't know yet.

and then i couldn't resist this little bud vase with a bud already.

and on my way out the door, i smelled this candle. tempted to run right back over today and grab it. smells delicious.

one shouldn't leave me alone when around dishes.

{only slightly kidding, i can practice self control usually}



  1. I have these little bowls from Anthro and I love them! I use them for prepping food or a little snack...here's a pic of my pink one that helped me portion-control my afternoon snack :)


  2. Eeeek! I've been lusting after those bowls for years! They're so classic. I can't seem to make up my mind on color. It's so bad that I've considered buying multiple sets just to be able to switch out colors on a whim.

  3. triple love the bowls...you will find a million ways to use them...the vase is adorable too :-)