Wednesday, November 24, 2010

hi, my name is jill and i have a problem.

i love a beautifully set table. and to do so, for different occasions... i feel like i need alot of stuff. i need different sets of regular dishes. i have my grandmother's china and my wedding china, but that doesn't stop me from wanting to buy little mismatched pieces and onsies at antique stores. i'll use em. (right?)

west elm and crate and barrel

darryl carter in elle decor

everything fab

i love the classic stuff, modern stuff, silver, gold, grandma floral, plain, colored, white. you name it.


little green notebook

martha stewart

eddie ross in lonny mag

eddie ross

and seeing spaces like this, geez. if i had the space...



i love my bamboo flatware (silver.) but i am going crazy for this gold. not everyone has gold and i think i really like it ;)


house beautiful

and thanksgiving and christmas parties just make it harder...

martha stewart

pink wallpaper

spearmint decor

slumber designs


eddie ross

house beautiful

hi, my name is jill and i am addicted love all things china/dishes/flatware. it's weird.

happy thanksgiving tomorrow :)


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