Monday, November 15, 2010

huntin' for the velvet pumpkin

apparently these velvet pumpkins are all the rage! i must say in their gorgeous vivid velvets they are hard to resist. and tossed together filling the center of a table they have a rich elegance - the perfect setting to share all that we are thankful for this time of year.

plush pumpkin was founded in the fall of 2002 by monya kampa. monya's goal was to create a truly unique table centerpiece that would "wow" her quests and provide a feast for the eyes. The response was overwhelming. since then, monya has been reinventing her creations made from lush velvet, rich fabrics, and of course her signature all natural pumpkin stems.

you can find plush pumpkins here in nyc at rachel ashwell shabby chic on wooster, and at j'adore in kansas city. for other locations across the country visit the plush pumpkin store locator page here, or you can visit embrace online to purchase

another source for these wrinkly plump floppy friends is hot skwash by daria knowles based in lake oswego, oregon. hot skwash is a family-run business dedicated to bringing joy and beauty into peoples' lives. Each velvet pumpkin is individually handcrafted by daria, the artist. in 2002, daria came across a gingham holiday pumpkin with a crude stem at a gift store. she knew this could be transformed into something incredible with the right fabrics and colors. after creating velvet pumpkins for several years, friends, family and clients encouraged daria to grow her creative talents and start her own small business.

daria founded hot skwash, llc, in 2008. her keen eye for color, texture, and shape gives each treasure its own personality. working with local farmers, hot skwash harvests unwanted pumpkin and squash stems and recycles them into unique accents for the home. employing stay-at-home moms who share the same passion for the pumpkins helps connect hot skwash to its roots--combining creative passion with family. to find a hot skwash seller visit the hot skwash website here

or to attempt these on your own visit martha's do it yourself craft page.



photos via plush pumpkin and hot skwash unless otherwise noted

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