Wednesday, November 17, 2010

the crisp air

with the weaather changing and the mornings becoming sharp and fresh and crisp i was reminded of this home i saw recently in garden and gun. sitting by the fire after a day of tending to the horses couldn't sound more perfect right now.

otis scarborough and his wife, sandy, bought the little house as a weekend place for themselves and their two sons.

a functioning horse farm on a hundred acres about thirty miles outside columbus, georgia—didn’t start out the way it’s ended up. purchased about fifteen years ago, it was a modular home on a gorgeous piece of land: pastures, woods, a lake, and towering old oaks.

every weekend, the scarborough family would drive up from their home in columbus and settle in.
then, a few years ago, they decided to take a huge step. “one day, my wife and i thought: we love this place so much, why don’t we live here full-time?” that is when they began discussing how to make it work as a full time place

the current house is a low, somewhat linear structure with countless thoughtful touches in local georgia style. different views of the property and its varied topography appear from all over the house’s interior windows and exterior spaces.
along the way, to augment the house that was rising, the team added barns and sheds. scarborough brought parts of a delicate 1846 chapel to the property from nova scotia. as they began to personalize the place, the scarboroughs also painted in their own thoughtful touches. inside, nearly twenty pieces by Sandy’s brother, the high-art painter bo bartlett (an andrew wyeth protégé), hang throughout, as do examples of her work.

sounds like the ideal full-time escape!


images and text via garden and gun

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  1. This "little" house is so amazing! Looks like a nice life they're living there :)