Sunday, November 7, 2010

foo dogs and the pearl river mart

as i told you, my sister-in-law, morgan, is wonderwoman and ran the ny marathon yesterday.

matters of style

while here, we did a bit of shopping... and these guys came home with me :)

they used to live here, at the pearl river mart. now they will live with me in kc.


molly luetkemeyer

betsy burnham

desire to inspire

more from the pearl river mart

i have been wanting a pair for a long while so i made sure to stop by while here.


full house

matters of style

jonathan adler's balcony in ny.... huge and glorious


elements of style


habitually chic

i know they've been all over for years but i couldn't help loving their appeal. did you know there is a pretty cool meaning for these guys too.... one foo dog rests his paw on a rock or ball, and that is to protect your home. the other foo dog rests her paw on a cub, and that is protect your family.

love em.


{sorry for the late post, we've been having tons-o-fun}

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