Friday, September 10, 2010

sleeping under the stars

i came across this article in conde nast traveler magazine over the summer and have since wanted to share. i thought the timing was especially fabulous with jill's post on her interest in traveling to africa yesterday.

the last time i slept truly under the stars it was about 1994 in the middle of a brownie/girl scout camp 4 hours from home (which seemed remote at the time). it was the last night at camp and we had to pair up with a friend and "experience the wilderness".

we scouted out the perfect spot on camp to set up our campsite under the stars. if i remember correctly we bartered with our counselor the raw chicken for 5 more matches and still couldn't get our fire started.

this consisted of 5 matches, some toilet paper, a can of corn, a raw chicken, a couple potatoes, the makings for s'mores, and both of our sleeping bags, sheets, and pillows.

maybe i should ease back into the whole "under the stars" thing with one of these spectacular open air suites. it looks like skunks might cost extra.


lets just say things ended for me and experiencing the wilderness about three in the morning when i awoke to my camping partner in a loud whisper saying "elle, there is a skunk in our bed"...

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