Monday, September 20, 2010

palazzo to me

one saturday afternoon this summer i was enjoying a casual run along the west side, and exploring new streets of the west village when i stumbled upon this beautiful rosy-pink italian influenced building popping out from behind the usual mix of apartment buildings along the west side highway.

i turned off my path and headed east on 11th street where i was greeted by palazzo chupi. i stopped and stared for quite sometime examining every detail and immediately ran home to do research. it turns out palazzo chupi is semi old news.

..well it was a new discovery to me, and i was thrilled to find and learn more about it. it is the masterpiece of artist julian schnabel, best known for his accomplishments as director of "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly", and was actually constructed atop an early-20th-century factory building as schnabel was shooting the movie in france.

vanity fair has a fabulous article where you can read more about palazzo chupi and julian schnabel...
equally interesting.


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