Tuesday, September 28, 2010

closet envy.

some people prefer to clean out their closets after the new year as a sort of "out with the old, fresh start" feeling. that doesn't work for me because you are still in the middle of a season. and how depressing to get yourself all excited about spring when there are still 4 more months of winter left.

via domino

via domino

nicky hilton via decor pad

anna sui's closet

if only i had a grand place to keep all of my clothes. somewhere with a spot for every shirt, every shoe, every piece of jewelry, and every sock. somewhere where my clothes could breathe.

tory burch for vogue via studio ten 25

and somewhere with a place to sit and think as i choose my outfits.

carrie's closet

eva longoria's closet via young house love

mariah carey's closet

jenna lyon's closet

kelly wearstler dressing room via falls design

jenna lyons via vintage mint

boy do i have my work cut out for me.


instead my things get pushed and shoved in corners of drawers, on top of shelves and in baskets where they may never see the light of day again. ugh, it has to change...not that it matters now since everything i own is still in my suitcase or thrown across the bedroom floor.

these next few weeks feel like the perfect time to realistically evaluate what i wear. and to be honest i hold on to things way too long because you just never know when something you haven't worn for 2 years might just be the perfect thing for your night out...and you have discovered some fabulous new way to wear it.

ellen rakieten closet for elle decor via decor pad

for me, the beginning of fall is the perfect time for closet clean out. it may be because when i was growing up mom made each of us do a closet clean out before school started in the fall. she would pull each item of clothing out of our closet and ask us if we still liked it, if we still wore it and if it still fit. i loved this process, unlike my brothers who threw a total fit every year, because i knew it meant some fun new school clothes!


  1. this has totally inspired me to clean out my closet even though these closets are the size of my living room or bigger ...

  2. Oh, how I dream of a closet like one of these beauties! When I moved in June, I cleaned out my closet and reorganized. I actually wear more of my clothes now and have rediscovered old favorites... but I still have a suitcase to unpack and clothes all over my bedroom (totally can relate there).