Thursday, September 2, 2010

a hint of elegance

with all the focus on mid century modern, bold color and intricate pattern sometimes i just want to clear everything out and start over.

i am always attracted to images of rooms that have a more neutral, elegant, confidence about them, but as i consider incorporating that type of feel to my own home it seems boring. it doesn't seem like enough.

that isn't the case here. these images don't appear boring at all, but rather intriguing. the simple and timeless presence.

with only four rooms to express myself in i feel each one has to make a real statement.

i guess my only option is to have multiple homes so there are many places to play and practice. hmm, wonder how my husband will take this idea.


p.s. island time seems to be easy to get used to. i made it to the northwest yesterday and will be celebrating my brother's wedding this weekend. it is going to be a truly amazing event and it feels a bit like the anxious exciting feeling on christmas morning as we lead up to the big day. i will share pictures once i have them as they have been working on all kinds of special details to make the day unique.

oh, and i still owe you my photo sources...

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