Friday, September 17, 2010

bienvenidos! bienvenue!

say it in spanish, say it in french... it doesn't matter how you say it, a bright and beautiful front door says WELCOME to my home!

my front door is the same color it was when we bought the house a year ago...
beige {read: boring}

i am looking to paint this front door a super glossy color to shock the neighbors, in a good way of course.

do i paint her a shade of lime?

via blueprint magazine

via lavender and lillies

perhaps she should be grass green....

via planetware

lavender is quite sweet looking...

via flickr

or the so-hot-right-now bright purple?

via emily henson


via flickr


via country living

or... pink?

via design*sponge

via elle decor

via corbis images

red is pretty but not as bold and different as i am looking to go.


robin's egg blue like miles redd?

via miles redd

or my go-to favorite color for anything, turquoise?


via flickr

via flickr

yellow?! hmm.

i don't know what color it will be. i have yet to decide. and this post made it harder instead of easier! decisions, decisions :)

what color is your front door? i'd love to hear what you suggest!


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  1. my favorite color is orange, so i would suggest that, but i really like the turquoise too, i have seen your house and they would all look fab ...