Thursday, September 9, 2010

out of africa....

what do you get when you mix my love for travel with my love for some great photography? oh and throw in some great luggage to top it off....

the new fall 2010 louis vuitton ad with dree hemingway (ernest's granddaughter).

photographed by carter smith.

africa (well, actually morocco, egypt, namibia, kenya and south africa) is on my husband and i's list of places we WILL go.... hopefully, cross your fingers, someday :)

my grandpa, back in the 70's and 80's went often. he did some traveling and some hunting... looking this glamorous i'm sure.

all images via habitually chic

these made me want to get there sooner than later. especially after i just finished the life story of idina sackville in "the bolter," by frances osborne (idina's granddaughter).

the bolter via amazon

she was a seriously decadent, sometimes scandalous, woman from enlgand who after the war, found herself in and out of love with a few men and living in kenya.

great story. but it too made me want to buy two tickets to africa.

happy thursday.


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