Wednesday, January 16, 2013

that. was. awful.

friends friends friends.

the sucky, disgusting flu hit me yesterday at 3am.

i woke up running to the bathroom.
and between 3am and 10am, i did that a number of times.
and then once more on my way to bed last night, you know, just for kicks.

the whole day i laid motionless on my couch watching horrible daytime tv.
trying not to move because it hurt, and honestly i didn't want to stir anything else up.
it was awful.

i wouldn't wish that junk on anyone.

i'm still not back at work today, but at least i'm feeling better to wear i can sit. and stand. and shower. and blog! and who knows... i might eat some real food today.

you should go get a flu shot if you haven't, which i didn't, and wished i did.
it's the most awful thing.

see you around these parts tomorrow.



  1. Come on, science major ;) Flu shots prevent influenza. I had that same darn stomach flu over Christmas. Brutal!! I'm so sorry you got it. Feel better, friend!!! HGTV all day? Sounds great to me! My new fav is Love it or List it.

  2. PS remember at the blue house when I had to wear a mask from influenza? Ha just remembered that and cracked up. It didn't work. Elle got it, right? Aww memories.

  3. So sorry you got it! I had the non-stomach (just achy fever) kind last week and it knocked me out big time. Fluids, rest, and dog snuggles make it better. xo