Thursday, January 3, 2013

nye #ootd

i just now got into instagram.
i've had it for awhile but never really did anything but take photos and use a cool filter.
now i'm following people, and interacting, and i love it!
my only promblem with it-- when i like something, i can never go back and look at them. but that's me and photos... i've always been that way. i like to hoard everything. they're like memories on screen/paper and i can't let go.

not going to lie though, i had to google what #ootd meant.
seriously. and for those of you about to do the same, it means outfit of the day.
i don't do twitter. never have, and don't think i ever will.
words, meh. but pictures, now there's a language i speak fluently.
so i'm into it.

but as promised,
here's my nye outfit.

i hadn't tried any of it on together, i kinda picked it out in my mind.
it was a white tee with a full black tulle skirt.

and i sorta loved it.
but it was snowing out and i felt i might be slightly overdressed.
even though it was so casual on top, it was a bit shmancy on bottom for where i was going.

so i chickened out.
husband said to "save it" and i'm not sure what for bc we don't do alot of things where that fits, but i'm saving it in the back of my mind for the perfect time.

so i switched it out for your standard gold sequins.

felt much better.

and that was new years eve 2012/2013.

what did you wear? any epic #ootd? ha.



  1. you can look at what you liked by clicking the little profile button on the bottom right of the main screen. From there, click on the little gear at the top right, and then it should say Photos You've Liked. It's fun to go back and look at trends in all the photos! Great outfit(s) btw!! oh, and I had a question for you....I absolutely adore the little super hero bunny you did awhile back. Is there any way I could order something like that for my niece's birthday (mid-March)? Let me know and hope all is well!! Happy 2013!

  2. hey molly!

    yay! i found it and now i can see all my old likes. perfect, thank you thank you.

    i would love to make you a super hero bunny! will you email me @ 1700louisiana at gmail dot com? we can discuss the details of your bunny :)