Friday, January 25, 2013

flowers for friday #130

tonight's my mom's big birthday fiesta.

i was up burning the midnight oil last night making special stuff for her party.
i was in charge of decor. just the way i like it :)

it gave me a huge opportunity to put my pinterest party board to use.
i made garlands, and flags, and stuff and stuff and stuff! it definitely went into the girly, colorful, sparkly realm. but she likes those things! and you only turn 50 once. plus she had 5 kids, 4 of which are boys. so she and i could use a little extra girly in our lives...

instagram got a glimpse of some of it. the thing that excited me most was the ruffled crepe paper streamers.... i am going to post it here on monday in case you want to make your own, because if you own a sewing machine-- it's so very easy to do. and it takes a $1.29 crepe paper roll from cheap to fan-freaking-tastic.

i am only working half day today.
i have to go hang all the stuff i made!
and make some goodies to eat.

so long story short, i am on a crafters high.

i hope you have the best weekend.

happy friday.


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