Thursday, January 17, 2013

chicken soup for the soul.

yesterday afternoon i really started to feel like real food again.
consider my not very satisfying diet of vegetable broth, water and gatorade the previous 36 hours, not very satisfying...

so we made some chicken noodle soup,
to slap the rest of the sick right out of me.

husband and i use this recipe from real simple, found here, lots.
the only thing we do differently is we add half of an onion and a little thyme.

its easy and tasty, and gets the chicken noodle soup work done in no time.

the other day i pinned this:

if i wasn't so starving :)
maybe i would have taken the time to do that.

probably not.

but if you wanted some chicken noodle soup for valentine's day, or you wanted to make your husband or child feel better while they're sick with the dirty flu, you could most definitely make it with tender, loving, heart-shaped carrots.

the carrots hail from here.
and i think it's pretty cute.

(you could save those carrot peels for making broth... which i'm also too lazy to do myself. emeril makes a tasty organic veggie or chicken :)

negative side of being gone for 2 days unexpectedly, my desk and inbox look like a war zone...

bright side of being gone for 2 days unexpectedly, it's thursday and tomorrow's friday!


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