Friday, November 30, 2012

various things

this is a series of random various things that i'm unloading from my brain.

first, my sewing machine was indeed broken.
you never realize all the sewing projects you had in the wings until you can't do anything about it. looks like my tree garland will be made right in time for christmas day. wah wah. and not only does this sewing machine repair place take like 2+ weeks, they cost half of what my machine actually cost!

i'm no sewer. i use the manual settings. i get my machine out, use it how it came, and put it back, occasionally changing the thread color... somewhere in there it broke.

but on a happier note,
i don't know what about this time of year brings out the tartan in all of us
but it does and i'm hooked all over again.
so is j.crew.

and speaking of j.crew, have you seen their sparkly etta pumps?
those would some happy holiday parties make, my friends.
i love the fat heel on them, and they come in a million colors.

unfortunately they are more than i spend on shoes.
maybe i'll ask santa.

har har.
santa husband prob wouldn't go for that.
we still get each other things we need/want for our house.
unless we kept these on the mantel...................

next week i have a few budget holiday gift guides to share with you!
i've been out shopping for my list and realized there
are some really great little gifts to give this year.

happy friday.