Tuesday, November 6, 2012

bohemian holiday

i look forward to the anthropologie catalog arriving in my mailbox
just like any of the other magazines i get.

it's always fresh.
always creative.
always a little edgy and daring.

and it makes me wish i could afford to shop there for my entire wardrobe.

i am running the risk of sounding like a type-a hoarder,
but i keep them. all.
stacked in my bookcase. next to my dominos.

they are so inspiring.
and this past one, for november does not disappoint.
(minus the creepy kids in woodland masks.)

don't really love these.
don't like them at all in fact.
especially seeing how they're nearly $300 a piece
but they used the cutest little taxidermy animals i ever did see through the whole thing.
look at that fluff bunny!

want the clothes.
want the feel.
i don't even mind the hair.

(but the best part was the goose on her golden eggs)

happy tuesday.


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