Monday, November 26, 2012


bring on the wreaths, and trees, and sparkly stuff.
it's officially christmas season!

i was feeling the spirit all weekend long.

(from house and garden)

put up my tree!
with a million glass balls i've been collecting for years. both vintage and new.

then i brought out my sewing machine to make a garland
fashioned sort of similar to this in colors.
i was just going to cut out squares and sew them together in a string. 

but my sewing machine is rejecting my efforts.
i think its broken.
i know the bare minimum on my sewing machine, just enough to not know how to fix it.
i use all the standard settings and try not touch it....
just use it.
didn't work this time.

so long story short, i don't have a picture to share.
wah wah.

i know.
i have to get my dumb machine fixed before i can get on it.

but i have a cute wintery plaid, cranberry, gold, magenta and black and white fabric.
should be cute, right?

hope you had a great thanksgiving.

i did.


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