Tuesday, April 17, 2012


those would be my allergies.

this would have been me every other year of my life. just fine and dandy in the good ol outdoors. never sneezing. never with a headache. never sleepy {at least not due to allergies}.
eyes watering? gosh, that's a real bummer. not mine.
i don't even know what allergies are.

but now...

this is me this year.

it's the only way to survive.
they are rotten. rotten. rotten.
they've come back with a vengence to make up for all those other years of no-effect.

you know what else i kinda think is rotten?

designers putting their stuff on anything that will stand still.
like these gas masks.
not kidding, that's a diamond studded pair of gucci and one louis vuitton gas mask.

who comes up with this junk?

i guess it did make for a good photoshopped accessory for my uber dramatic allergies post.

who else is over their allergies this year?


{image via everything fab}

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