Thursday, April 12, 2012

248 W Paradise

wanna see what the #1 gorgeous garden rooftop terrace in manhattan looks like?

my first piece of advice...
take down the circus tent. let the light shine on in.

no fear of anyone other than God looking in on you in your underpants.
and he knows what it looks like, he made it.

that triangle window peak thingy here (resembling a certain famous french art museum) is the skylight that i desperately want to de-treatment.

elle, why don't you just go ahead and put an offer in.
i'll come visit.

we'll throw a huge garden party for all the cool people.
{you all are obviously invited.}

only downside to this piece of heavenly real estate: 1 bedroom.

i guess it'll be a slumber party!!!

elle, thoughts?


{listing for this mega apartment found on sotheby's for a cool $4.5 mill}

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