Monday, July 23, 2012

cobalt bubble necklace.

i don't buy anything from ebay.
i'm always tempted, but i got burned back in college on some (probably fake) lacoste polo shirts... i bet jo remembers. we waited and waited and waited.

those super collegiate-preppy polos never came.
and the jerks were off with our poor-kids-in-college money!

i know i shouldn't be nervous now with paypal,
but still am.

i retract my first statement because i just bought this:

i have been eyeing the j.crew version for how long now?
don't know. but that means it's been a long time.

but we can start from the very beginning.
friday afternoon i stumbled upon a new blog and within a few posts, she had mentioned how she bought and just received her new j.crew necklace in turquoise. but it's not really from j.crew... it was from hong kong. funny enough, it even has the j.crew tag on the clasp.

she says the quality is just like the j.crew version.

and she wears it all the time:

so i figured hmm.
why the hell not?
let's check it out.

followed her link to ebay and they are between $15 and $30.
MUCH better than the j.crew $150.
i mean, i would never. what happens when i wear it twice and then i'm over it?

so i got a little shaky from distrust... and then a little nervous, because i went ahead and jumped on that bandwagon and bought the cobalt blue one.

i think cobalt rocks with almost every other color.
so i'm crossing my fingers, toes, arms and legs that i don't get burned on this one....

or else!

just kidding.

i can't really do anything, just like the jerks who took my money along time ago. positive side-- it's not much money and i'm not as poor as i was in college. but now i'm excited and i want it.

so i'll sit here and wait for my necklace.
and i'll be darn sure to keep you updated in case you want one of your own.

did i mention there was free shipping?
from hong kong?

so a necklace for exactly $18.99.

like i said, fingers crossed.

and in case you don't want to buy it directly from hong kong yourself...

you can buy an also-much-cheaper version of this necklace from furbish.
{i just found these.}

i'm more a fan of the one color version so i'm still happy with mine (provided it actually gets delivered),
but if you like the two toners, i'm betting a million dollars that transaction would be a whole lot more trustworthy.

furbish's tessa necklaces in blue and green.

guessing these are also coming from hong kong for that price :)




  1. Well, Jill, you sold me, too, only I bought the blush pink one. Only $15! Wow - what a beaute. Hoping it looks just as good in person. Thank for the tip. :)

  2. oh good dawnie! i hope yours gets delivered to you, too :)


  3. Just purchased - so excited! Thanks :)