Thursday, December 30, 2010

a new year, a new thing

each year that i have tried out a resolution, by taking something away from my life that could be construed as a 'bad' habit... it never really fared so well, never seemed to want to stick around.

last year i started a new kind of resolution for myself, one that will make my life better... and they seem to! i decided last year, to try to make my life healthier. i was never unhealthy but my running hobby from growing up sorta faded a tad through college and even more so after (sigh)... so i started that back up again... and. i. have. been. loving. it.

i also decided to replace my cup of coffee in the morning with a green tea, just because it was good for me. i was never really a tea drinker before and it was hard at first, but now i have one every single morning and i just think the world of it! all 5 flavors i have in my desk drawer are delicious :)

this year i am going to continue to do those things that make me a healthier me, but i'd also like to do something to benefit my home.

i have a family room and a living room in my house. for being a cute little starter, i love having both spaces but i have focused my decor attention waaay more on the living room and sorta neglected the family room... sad to say but that is where all my 'left over' furniture from the move lives....

so each month, for the next 12, i will buy a piece of art, frame something cool, or make something crafty to hang on my bare white walls. of course, i will share what i hang and here's hoping the final result looks like one of the beauties above ;)

what do you think?


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