Thursday, October 4, 2012

watch out.

{get it... 'watch' out. har har}

because i'm the total blazing nut job
who wants to own this total blazing nut job of a watch.

its at tjmaxx.
for alot of money for such a nutty watch.
that's why its still there.
if it were a watch i'd wear everyday i could make a case,
but that's not the case here.

cutest little blinged out alligator you ever did see, though.
with his emerald eyes and sparkly scales.

good thing you can score it on ebay for like 50.

i'm not going to get it.

little too crazy. although i did stand there at the jewelry case for a minute too long.

{i go to this black tie charity ball every winter and husband and i are in the youngest 1% of people there. i always look for something young and super hip to wear... try to channel carrie bradshaw or something.
wouldn't it kill it with a dress like this, but with a super plunging back?

gosh, i think so too.}

the nice tjmaxx employee that had to unlock the case and then stand there while i looked at this watch thought i had lost my marbles. i could tell.

i asked her to get this watch out from amongst other normal people watches.
told her it was the crystal croc... and she pointed to 3 others before landing on the. only. crystal. crocodile. watch. in the case.

she was thinking, "she can't be serious. lady, are you sure you don't want one of these other nice watches? look this one has a gold face? or this one? no, how about this one? ok, fine. but you're crazy."

ha. and then i took some photos of it.
nearly threw her into a tizzy.

when i convinced myself to step away, she sighed in relief.
not really, but she might as well have.

she just didn't imagine it with that striking black jersey dress like i had in my mind!

i still like it.

or am i seriously, socially inept as a human, for picking something like this out?



  1. I think that watch is fabulous and would be a stunning, bling-y accent for your all black look.

  2. thanks!! i think so too. i'm keeping my eye on it in the store. who knows. might be my birthday present to myself this year :)