Thursday, October 25, 2012


today i turn 29.

(there needs to be alot more candles on that cupcake if it's for me!!)

i've blogged before about getting older. how it truly is a privilege.
and i know that. and believe that.

there have been many many people before me/us who weren't lucky enough to reach their 29th birthday. taken well before their time. i know this. and i'm ever so grateful to be here, healthy and happy on my 29th birthday. i thank God for it.

i still can't help but feel a little twinge of something else.

not bummed about being a year older (with a few more gray hairs ((that i still pull out when i find, btw)) or a few more wrinkles)...

its just when i was younger i pictured myself having accomplished a little bit more than i have before this BIG next birthday. and i don't even have specifics. its just a general feeling. maybe it isn't even measured in accomplishments because i like my life, i like where i'm at, i love my husband, and i like what the future holds... maybe i just saw it differently.
this is a feeling i know some of you also feel.
its like where on earth does the time go??? i wake up and i'm 29. i don't feel old enough to be this old. ha.

on monday, i can't wait until friday. and then the weekend. but that means i rush through tuesday, wednesday and thursday just to get to friday. i should be living and loving each day.
when i was little, thursday was my favorite day. for no reason at all. it just was. i want today to be my favorite day again!

its not even the week that rushes by, whole seasons and YEARS do that now. summer's gone before i know it. disappears way faster than it did when i was a kid. so does spring, fall and winter. the whole year for that matter, zips right on by and if you're not careful, same goes for life.

the best part about this feeling (because there is a good part), is that i have the next 365 days to make up for it, God willing. i have a whole year to appreciate and celebrate....

it's going to be a busy year. and a good year.

maybe even the best.

again, i don't even have specifics but if this is my last year in my 20s, i better (and i'm going to!) make it amazing.



  1. Happy birthday friend! Beautiful post. May I virtually gift you this $650 fuchsia and maroon cashmere sweater? xo.

  2. thanks love! i love it and i shall think of you when i wear it ;)

  3. happy birthday! awesome post. i feel the exact same way on accomplishments before...THE birthday, and you put everything into such a wonderful perspective in this post. enjoy the day and especially the amazing year ahead!