Wednesday, October 3, 2012


boys and girls, it's getting cold at night.
we sleep with the windows open because it's conducive to snuggling.
husband. myself. and dog.

that, and nothing is fresher than crispy fall air.

and miss dog's not little:

{is it funny [read- weird] that my favorite engagement picture from almost 4 years ago is mostly of my dog and doesn't even include our faces? thanks for saying no.}

this weekend it's expected to dip into the low 30's at night!!

we still haven't re-done our bedroom yet.
the places you spend the most time always seem to be the last you do....

but i'm seriously looking to add a furr-bulous blanket to the mix.

this is the room of my ever-loving dreams:

sweet lord, it's amazing.

and so are these:

these fur blankets aren't just warm, they also hide a few faux pas:

like messy beds. they become more spectacular, far less ordinary.
and dog hair? what dog hair? no no, that be my fur blanket, people.

my sweet pooch isn't welcomed onto any other furniture in our house but our bed.

and she relishes in it.

and i like it, too.

they're the bread-
while i'm the insides to our sleeping sandwich.

husband to the right and dog to the left down by my knees.

wouldn't have it any other way.

found these two options for some faux fur.
and they don't cost half of my mortgage like some of their friends do:

it's between choice #1: coyote

only $77. found here.

 or choice #2: lynx.

{kinda digging the lynx. sorta reminds me of the flintstones.}
it's only $69. found here.


no, coyote,
no lynx!

i can't decide.


{images via: decorpad, elements of style, little green notebook, design crisis, lorenzo castillo via habitually chic, and paloma}

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