Tuesday, October 16, 2012

new friend.

this guy from zgallerie is finding his way to my house as i type this.

{i've always had my eye on this one but for $98 i let it sit there... until this friend pops up for much much much cheaper. and i like him better!!}

and he won't get put away after halloween.

so cute.
in my weird way.
he'll look great nestled amongst my books in my living room.


thanks for letting me take a day off yesterday.
i survived the wedding!
more than survived, i had so much fun.

it rained all flipping day. all flipping day.
 but the bride was goregeous, the wedding was gorgeous and we found a way to take some gorgeous photog, even in the rain.

then sunday i had 3 more sessions!
busy is so great but i was tiiiiiired.

i had a brother/sister (twins) senior session in the morining.
cutest little prego and her husband in the afternoon.
and a stunning family of 3 in the evening.

all different locations.
all awesome.

i can't wait to share but i have a load of editing to do now before any of that can happen.

after this weekend, i was even more excited to let photog be my official job in the near future. it's my 2 year game plan.

can't wait.

i loved every second of it.

happy tuesday.



  1. so excited for you and the very near future! :) :) :)

  2. excited to hear that you will be pursuing photography full time in the near future!...and the skull is oddly adorable :)

  3. thanks girls!! i'm excited, too. butterflies in my stomach, excited :)